EZO Seafood



エリア 北海道 北海道 ニセコ・ルスツ ニセコ・ルスツ
最寄駅 比羅夫駅
カテゴリ 飲食店
住所 北海道虻田郡倶知安町山田170-160
ウェブサイト https://www.ezoseafoods.com/
営業時間 月曜日: 17時00分~21時30分
火曜日: 17時00分~21時30分
水曜日: 17時00分~21時30分
木曜日: 17時00分~21時30分
金曜日: 17時00分~21時30分
土曜日: 17時00分~21時30分
日曜日: 17時00分~21時30分


  • Hands down the best place for the freshest seafood. Simply prepared dishes that are to die for, must tries are snow crab, squid ink paella, braised fish & pan fried giant scallops. Book way ahead.


  • Some of the freshest and best seafood. Squid ink paella definitely a good bet so is the sashimi platter. Order your dishes based on what is there for the day. Owner James is friendly as well.


  • Need I say more ? Hokkaido and Alaskan crabs were all fantastic but the standout was the bluefin tuna sashimi. Wow!


  • Not one for seafood but this blew my mind! Great owner too very accommodating


  • The king crab is to die for. Everything else is pretty amazing too - very fresh and tasty seafood.


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